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Beyond Senses, a multidisciplinary firm, based in Calicut and Sri Lanka was established by Nabeel V. Basheer in 2015.

An amalgamation of spirited and vibrant research-oriented architects, the firm practices Tropical Modernism to an extensive degree. This course of action is a direct aftermath of understanding what type of buildings the region needs, to brave the dynamics of a tropical climate. The firm balances both the functional aspect of a structure along with its aesthetic quality. Rather than incorporating a holistic approach to the overall design of the building, it is the careful and specific treatment each space receives individually, that helps the firm to make a mark for itself. The attention to detail each space receives helps in spiritually uplifting it by the passive play of the senses. Along with delivering to the client’s requirement, extra care is taken to maintain the character of the building vis-à-vis locality.

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Self Explanatory as the name is, the approach to design is a transcendence of the senses. We believe architecture is a medium that deals with more intangible features than tangible ones. Along with breathing new life into space, we ensure that it can also instill a particular set of values that compliment certain ideologies.

Understanding the clientele and their comfort zones form the primary root of our design methodology and that’s exactly why we make it a point to spend a chunk of time with them to realize all of their preferences.  The output we provide is after coupling the aforementioned with the design requirement. The primary goal we focus on is to build a house around the client rather than juxtaposing them in a seemingly alien environment for the namesake of design. 

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Site responsiveness forms the backbone of our design approach at Beyond Senses.  The actualization of design is derived from a pragmatic approach with genuine inputs from the nuances of each site. Our primordial principle is to construct structures that are in harmony with both the client’s interests and ecological sustenance. We are driven forward with that intent, to send a message across, through our projects. 

Let us take a journey together with the top architects in Kozhikode. Beyond Senses brings you the best in a much reliable and versatile manner. Get on touch with the top Architects in calicut with a single quote, by dialing, (+91) 9495553144

Nabeel Basheer
Yahya Mahmood
Design Director
Akshay A J
Hirosh TA
Senior Architect
Site engineer
Anoop Rajendran
Associate architect
Shabeeb ahmmed
Associate architect